In today's fast era, every person is unhappy for some reason, someone is unhappy with poverty, some is suffering from physical diseases, some is suffering from mental problems and some is unhappy about not getting the fruits of hard work.  Every human wants to reach the pinnacle of progress.  For this, it is necessary to use the mantra-tantra, chanting-yagna, totake-yantra and gems with rules.  To know this, the master has to reach the prophets and astrologers.  They tell them measures to remove their sorrows and fulfill their desires and to wear gems and worship the instruments, etc. A person, believing in them, starts following the suggested measures to achieve his goal. 

In spite of all this, if a person still is not able to succeed in his desire, then I have made up the idea of ​​writing this book to explain what the reason is.  Man has been using these gems and octal metals since time immemorial to overcome his planetary obstacles and attain his pinnacle of progress and he has been benefiting from it.  Its address is often seen in mythological texts.  In spite of all these things, if a person is unhappy, then you will probably understand that it is not all that impressive, but it does not mean that.  This means that either success has not been used to achieve success, or he is wearing fake pieces.  That gem is defective and not duly worn.  It is also possible that he has not worn the right number related to his planet.  If a gem is to be worn with complete understanding and good astrology and law, then he definitely completes his work, it is scripturally relevant and the author is tried.

  How many stories related to it, happened to me, but here we do not have to go much deeper, the things I have experienced through the hard work of my whole life, based on those same experiences, I know the right gems in this book and which person should hold which gem  Should be doing, which rudraksh should be worn, which mantra should be worshiped and which garland should be chanted, which yantra should be installed, etc. I am describing briefly.  If any person studies this book with complete mind in solitude, then he will be able to choose the right thing for himself properly and with the help of these gems - Rudraksh-yantra, etc., to create zest and ripple flow of self in his life.

In this business my son- Arvind Agrawal , Rakesh Agrawal , Manish Agrawal and my grandson Harsh Agrawal , Nikunj Agrawal , Tanmay Agrawal have given tremendous support to them, I bless them that even after this divine light is carried forward after me. Hold the torch and preserve the business credibility.


                                                                                Thank you!

                                                                        Vijay Kumar Agrawal